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Dance Family Magazine is the digital magazine and app that explores the tight-knit relationships between the young dancer, the studio and the parents that manage it all. Along with dance instruction, studio essentials, practical advice and life skills articles, DFM looks for the personal stories of inspiration, sacrifice, growth and achievement. Many dancers start in preschool years and develop their whole lives with their dance family and within these intertwined relationships is a life story worth sharing.
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Current News and Stories Submitted for 2013 Publication
Travis dances internationallyISSUE #2 AVAILABLE NOW 06/11
Issue #2 of Dance Family Magazine is now available for sale at the itunes store for $2.99. You can click on the App Store icon in the left hand column under the cover photo. And please remember to leave a review at the App Store.
The story of Liam's dance lifeManhattan Diaries 05/13
Senior contributing professional Christina Jensen tells it like it is in the Big Apple. Enduring the hustle and the heartache of pursuing the dream of being a professional dancer and more.
Travis dances internationallyTravis International 04/18
Senior Contrubting Professional Travis tells us what was so special about his travels to Greece and Germany and what he took with him from the experiences in international dance.
The story of Liam's dance lifeBeing Liam 04/11
It's mom's story of her son Liam as he grows in dance through being the small kid to the prized pupil and the trials of being away from home.
toddlers in danceDancers with Dowen Syndrom 03/28
The TRDance Center headed by Todd Rosenlieb sees talent come through it's door every day. But it's Todd's special work with childern afflicted with Down Syndrom that caught our attention for Issue #2. These children are dancing and loving it.
high school thespiansAll The World's Stages 03/26
Contributing professional Christina Ilisije brings us the American perspective from her travels abroad as a professiional dancel for Parsons Dancer based in New York City.
toddlers in danceNot Too Young to Dance 03/04
Emily Finch of Dance 101 in Tempe Arizona discusses what motivated her to start dance training programs for children under age 3 in a feature for issue #2.
high school thespiansHighschool Thespians 02/25
Contributing professional Kasie Gunther has submitted an article for issue #2 with her tips covering auditions for a high school play. The do' and dont's, the befores and afters and everything in between.
Magzter ico for dance magazinesMagzter now carrying Dance Family Magazine 02/16
Android and other non Apple devices can now purchase DFM issue 1 from Magzter. Search your app store for Magzter and download the app. You can also purchase many of your online magazines from this great source.
evening sun articleNew Upstate Press Releases 01/31
We received 2 great regional press releases from The Evening Sun and The Sherburne News. This is just the start of a press release campaign we'll continue through February.
itunes app store dance family magazine viewWe Are Live 01/13
Today we have launched on iTunes. The magazine app is now available for all Apple devices through the iTunes app store. After purchasing please write a review and select a star rating to help us chart in the app store.
dance duos articleApp Icon for Issue 1 01/04
It took almost 2 full days to design the app icon you'll see on your device. There were an extreme amount of factors and numerous considerations for such a simple design but I find this icon fun, adjustable for future issues and still maintaining some brand identity
dance duos articleIssue 1 Cover Reveal 12/11
The official cover for issue #1 has been revealed which you can see at page left. Highlihting our cover stories about duos it features 10 year old dancers Matthew Giglio and (nepotsim alert) my daughter Antonia Mody.
dance duos articleBallerina Eyes 12/03
Dancer's eyes need to project well past the stage and Colleen Dugan of Pretty Girl Cosmetics goes into the "how tos" and "dos & don'ts" of ballerina eyes.
dance duos articleDuos and Don'ts 11/26
Senior contrinutor Christina Jensen disects what makes a great duo mix- and what doesn't.
dance injuriesGrowing Through Injuries? 11/20
Senior contrinutor Christina Ilisije presents the lessons learned from 3 contemporaries who have sustained serious injury in their professional dance career.
dancing & actingCan You Act? 11/15
Theatrte Specialist Kasie Gunther lists out all you need to do to start exploring the possibilities of expanding on your dance talents in the acting world.
dancing on the farmDancing to Save the Farm 11/09
When Dorothy Stephenson's father placed her beloved family farm up for sale, the only way to save it for herself was to dance on it.
key to dance studioWhen The Key Turns 11/03
The tears, the sweat and determination may never show when the doors open to Andrea Hamilton's dance studio but her story makes clear that the love of dance is a hard love to break.
hospital hand in danceHard Headed 11/02
Jessica Walz of Hawaii Pacific University submits the story of a student who was hit by a truck and survived to dance 5 months later with the help of a friend who stood by her side through the worst of times and has a valuable lesson we all must consider.